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"If you want to destroy my bubble, pop it there as I walk away!"

So I've come to the conclusion that I really like bubbles. They are so pretty when the sun hits them at that exact right angle. Plus they make pictures look really cool. It gives them something extra. I also like treehouses, even tho when I was going up KT's ladder I almost had a heart attack. lol. Well at least that ladder safety video we watched at work orientation finally came in handy. :P

Today was pretty fun. Pool parties are great things. Basking in the sunlight, seeing your friends, doing crazy dives. There is nothing quite like it. At the party, it felt like summer had really started, lol, even tho at this point it's half over. I've had a good summer so far. I've worked a lot. Some days I was just sick of it. Like the day the dish machine broke, the dessert lady went crazy, and I got hit with a full case of glasses. But hey, I get paid..and when I see that paycheck all of the bad things about my job just seem to go away..well most of them anyway. XD

Hope you all are having fantastic summers. :)

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