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4/25/06 10:11 pm

Hmm..another day of golf..another bad score.

4/19/06 04:18 pm - Crazy signs

Does anyone remember Hot and Now? I was so excited yesterday b/c I thought I had found one. It was like being a paleontologist and discovering a fossil. lol. Sadly, it's been closed for like 2 years, but it was mostly intact. The sign was almost untouched..except for one letter. It said: "Hambupers 55 cents". lol. It was quite entertaining. It reminded me of the time when I went past hooters and a lot of letters were out. The sign said "hos" hahahahaha..I know that on the Tonight show, they have a segment where Jay leno goes through all of those wacky messed up articles and signs. I should have taken a picture of that and sent it to him :P


3/15/06 10:13 pm - Ohh..a public entry...

WSS Practice + Tennis + Trig = Exhausting!!!
Sleepy time *yawn* Peace out.

2/6/06 06:09 pm - Damn

Owww!! I just went to the car to get some stuff and I twisted my ankle. That's right, the bad one. I just hope it stops hurting so I can dance at practice and play Tennis Wednesday as well as walk! ahhh!!

6/17/05 01:17 pm

To those of you who randomly read my journal, and who think that I never update, think again.(I am not talking about those on my friends list.)If you want to read what I have to say, add me as a friend and tell me who u are. I mostly keep my entries friends only, so the only way you will be able to read it is to do as the above says. I realize that I only have one public entry, lol, which was about a snow day. I have written about lots of things since then :)

Adios All!

3/1/05 10:56 am

Snowday!!!!!!! I love Michigan! That's the one thing u don't get in warmer states. Today has been great so far. I got to sleep in, watch TV, play my gameboy, and read magazines. Most days I have so much homework, that I don't really have time to do many of these things. I wanna do something fun today outside. Maybe I'll go and see if my bro wants to go sledding or have a snow ball fight. Ok, I may sound childlike, but I don't really care. Ok, so last night I was on the phone with one of my friends. She said that her sister's friend wore her pj pants inside out and the next day they got a snowday. So her and I and one of our other friends decided to try it out. And it worked!! Coincidence? or not? Freaky! ~Manda~
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